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In line with our core values, we actively practice the following in all our service engagements:


We make time to seek what is best for customers, partners, and colleagues. We are open-minded in search of the best ideas.


We articulate clearly what we do, and what we are not trying to do. We display our full value without over-hyped marketing.
Skill & role discovery

Your organizational knowledge and skills are contained in the heads of your employees and in the documents they create. We use a mix of consulting processes, along with our specialized natural language processing tools, to create a consolidated picture of the skills and roles that are important to your business.

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Skill & role mapping

Based on your existing job descriptions, employee resumes, and our discovery process, we assemble a complete mapping of roles and skills — using our authoritative data set for validation and enrichment. The result? A digitized, dynamic, and living framework of roles and skills that matter to your organization

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Employee experience

Your new digitized framework of roles and skills should not be siloed in the HR department! We build engaging employee experiences and surface them where your employees work — in Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Google Workspaces, Cisco WebEx, Slack, and more.

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Employee engagement

Top-down skill-management rarely delivers the value and insight that you need. Our approach is to mix how employees self-identify skills with as much corporate oversight and refinement as you require. We help you implement a mix of bottom-up and top-down approaches, while ensuring employee engagement.

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Analysis & strategy

When your digitized, dynamic, and living framework of roles and skills is up and running (and being interacted with by your employees), it will be a source of hugely valuable insight that can be used to inform your upskilling, cross-skilling, training, and recruitment strategies.

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Training & content development

An often-overlooked approach to filling talent gaps (especially in the realm of digital skills) is to repurpose your existing talent. Rather than going straight to recruitment, we help you create highly relevant training programs that unlock your existing talent and redeploy them into the roles you need.

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Never left hanging

With locations in the UK, USA, and Australia, we've got you covered! Our support for you is provided by the actual consultants who know your business (and who understand the solutions we have created for you), rather than anonymous support ticket processors. The result? Responsive, useful guidance.

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